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Life in the Womb

The father’s sperm penetrates the mother’s egg cell and forms a single cell called a zygote. All genetic information is already in place at this stage.

4 Weeks
The child is a ¼” inch long. Embryo is now attached to the uterus The heart is already formed and beating.

8 Weeks
The elbows and fingers become evident. Every organ is present and taste buds are forming

12 Weeks
Now the baby is very vigorous. The child can kick, suck its thumb, open its mouth, make a fist and is starting breathing practice

16 Weeks
The baby is around four inches long. Sex can be determined at this stage. The child can swim and turn somersaults now. The mother will begin to feel movement.

20 Weeks
Sleeping habits appear, but a slammed door will provoke activity. The child responds to sounds in frequencies too high or low for adults to hear.

24 Weeks
The baby now weights slightly more than one pound. The child can also hear his mother’s voice and her heartbeat. A baby born at this stage has been known to survive.

28 Weeks
The baby is now about 11 inches long and weights about 2.5 pounds. Eye teeth are present and eyelids open and close. Hands grip strongly

32 Weeks
The head is covered in hair. The fingernails have reached the tips of the fingers. The baby has active sleep and wake cycles

36 Weeks
The baby’s weight increases by about 2 pounds and his quarters get cramped.

40 Weeks
The child triggers labor and the birth occurs

Info. Taken from Heritage House ’76 Milestones of Early Life and Focus on the Family The First Nine Months.