COVID-19 UPDATE: On May 1st we will be OPEN for scheduled appointment curbside pick-up only. Please call 608-785-2377 and leave your  name and number. I will return your call to find out your current needs. All clothing and diapers will be picked out by me. We will discuss a pick up time for that day or the following day.  All items will be picked up at the church door entrance. We are located in Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, 1602 Park Avenue, La Crosse. This is directly across the street (Park Ave) from the South Public Library parking lot.  Please do not contact the church or school requesting help, they WILL NOT be able to help you.  Thank You, Heather

Mentor Program

We are now offering a mentor program to our moms. This program is designed to help you work out some of the financial, emotional, and family issues that might be causing you trouble in your life. You will be paired with a mentor that will meet with you every three weeks at the Center. Your session will last approximately one hour. During this session you will discuss your problems with your Mentor and together will set realistic goals that will help you improve your situation. We will mentor you with Christian love and concern for your physical needs as well as your spiritual needs. You will have limited access to our practical assistance items as long as you complete your mentor sessions and attempt to make positive changes in your life. Your mentor will determine how much aid is received.